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An American prayer

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Light My FireAn American Prayer
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Break On ThroughAn American Prayer
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20th Century FoxAn American Prayer
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Soul KitchenAn American Prayer
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Riders On The StormAn American Prayer
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An American Prayer "vibe tribe"

An American Prayer

Jim Morrison & the Doors Live Concert Experience


An American Prayer is one of the nations most authentic tributes to the Doors offering a high-energy concert experience that captures the music and the dynamics of Jim Morrison and the Doors in their prime. 

With a list of successful shows at reputable venues such as House of Blues (Cleveland, OH), Des Plaines Theatre (Des Plaines, IL), The Vogue (Indianapolis, IN), 20 Monroe Live (Grand Rapids, MI), Mercury Ballroom (Louisville, KY), Texan Theater (Greenville, TX) as well as many more rock clubs, theaters, and festivals, and with an ever-growing following of ten's of thousands of fans, it's no wonder An American Prayer has become one of the most sought after bands in the country.

Whether you are a concert promoter, a talent buyer, or simply a fan of the Doors looking for an amazing experience, An American Prayer will transport you back in time and leave you captivated and entranced.  The time to hesitate is through so break on through to the other side with An American Prayer today!

- Music is your only friend -


Rick Lights.jpg

Rick Lisak

Vocals & Percussion

Rick is a veteran musician and singer with over 30 years of experience entertaining audiences nationally.  His summoning of the spirit of Jim Morrison in An American Prayer is uncanny and his spontaneous engaging stage performances keep audiences at the edge of their seats for a wild ride with the Lizard King.


Kevin Branigan

Kevin has played for national audiences hailing from his home base in Chicago.  His meticulous study of the tone and style of Robby Kreiger layers a musical bed to accurately support the energy and complexity of a true Doors concert performance.


Andrew Stump


The heart and soul of any Doors show is the faithful recreation of the bass and keyboard style of Ray Manzarek.  An American Prayer keyboardist Andrew Stump recreates the signature style and tones to perfection in every show.  He plays a reissue Vox Continental organ & the classic Fender Rhodes Piano Bass to pay tribute to the original tone that made the Doors resonate in the spirit of the 1960s.


Tony Tabor 

Tony is the heartbeat of An American Prayer and has not only worked to recreate the signature sound of drummer John Densmore - he worked with Beat Boogie percussion to recreate a modern  sound for a modern experience of this classic quartet.

An American Prayer

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